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Little Gypsy Bones

Pink Yarrow and Opossum Vertebra 4x4 bone embroidery

Pink Yarrow and Opossum Vertebra 4x4 bone embroidery

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Hand embroidered Yarrow inspired flowers with a real Virginia Opossum vertebra.

Cotton embroidery thread on black Italian linen fabric.
Back side is closed off with stitched felt and the wooden hoop has been signed and dated.

This embroidery measures 4" x 4"


All bone that I use in my work has been processed by me and comes from animals whose bodies I have found in the woods or along the road.

I believe that admiring the bones of another animal allows us to not only pay homage to that specific animal, but to also reflect on and embrace the beauty of being a wild creature- accepting life and death as it comes.

All of my work is 100% handmade in the USA.
Bones have been collected from the wild and beautiful creatures of Bucks County, PA.
I process and clean/sanitize all bones my self.

Please be gentle with your bone embroidery. Although bone and teeth are a relatively strong material it is recommended that your piece be handled gingerly.

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